Lonely is how we end!

Lonely is how we end, flesh to dust; bones to ashes. Ages sweep them like a gentle blow on a lighting candle away it fades the flame. We love, but is it love of it’s not mutual?For only hatred a lone heart can bear. I trod the Earth to find wisdom, in the womb I found it. A shapeless cell to a man it stands. What more would I expect?

I loved, too deep I dug; to find the truth, but doubt was the rock I could not brake. And it turns to the question, what’s love without trust and where is the choice without it’s ending? For we fall in love by chance and stay by choice.

Life is short believe me, live everyday like the last, and strive to die happy in the end. And then again it turns to the question,Where does happiness come from? I’m neither a genius nor wise to know the truth. But I have lived that’s all I know. A heart without regrets, therein resides a happy soul. Take every chance you can grab nothing was meant to stop you but to make you stronger.

I once met a merchant selling love, so priceless it was, it could not be bought. Cause trust was to buy it all. He chose to give it to a princess who always doubted it’s existence yet he could never stop to polish it with truth and hope for it to remain.

Days went by, nights came along; the fall was too deep that the edge could not be seen, but a sudden wall was built. As strong as his love was; as soft as it could be broken. In the despair of his crash, he looked above and found a goddess; the illusion of truth hidden in the lies of a good smile and sunshine eyes those he had fallen for. The ones he kept running from, forgetting in his world they could not fade.

“May be this is my last hope.” gently he told himself, stretching his arm for her to reach. And there I stood watching him waiting and waiting, hoping for the goddess to lift him up. And I asked myself ”Why did he run in the first place?” after a quarrel with my thoughts, I found the answer; ”she is a goddess and he is not more than a merchant.”

The clouds that shaped her body were faded, and the sun that shone her face was lost in the doom shades of the eclipse when she turned away from the hopeless begging merchant. There he laid with the rain through his glasses it painted his cheek white, long after it was dried. I asked him “why?”
With a hopeless look he looked at me with red eyes he said “Why did she go? Is this the end?”

As the mind in his body I tried to reveal the truth of the lustful love he called true. His heart would not understand me for it wanted to prove it was true. I told it don’t give me the hard work to mend you, for I can’t tell your structure but I can help finding a heart that would. He sent me to quest, playing tricks as much as I could, I failed to fetch one. For all were sacrificed for the goddess.

I wonder how this will end, is it lonely as we end? As the mind I find him as fool as the heart he says he is human and that their kind have feelings. You know what I hate most about feelings? I have always failed to control them. Like when he gets angry he does crazy stupid things, and I’m the mind to regret and make him promise not to ever do it again. For as joint as we are, we make him the man he is; the fool who is afraid to die a fool. HAHAH!! I always laugh when that thought comes to me. Thanks for reading those are the tales of a broken heart.


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Live the moment

“People are always like ‘Don’t do this and that to live longer!’. And I always find it funny, cause what would be more helpful is what I should do to live forever. Time is just an illusion, live the moment and enjoy the beauty of life” ~From the book of thoughts

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