Divine Art

Stars shine through her iris,
Like snow, her teeth are coloured;
voice of an angel, sound of the wind
moon of my nights, the dream of my sleeps
really she owes my thoughts.

Like crystal, her nails are bright
Like feather, her touch is soft;
Shaped by the Almighy, inspired by His tales
The song of the air, a divine soul to hear
My seed of love she is to bear

As the sun that shines, so is but her face
Skin well worn, like an armour of a goddess;
The speech of heavens, is but the song of her thoughts
Clouds make her dress, for the sky is her gown;
The beauty the world ever longed.

As above, so is below
As angels, so she is but more;
For her smile, arose lust in Satan
Yet her touch, seed love in the righteous;
she is, but a DIVINE ART


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