Brain damage

I just found myself here, I don’t know how I landed in this body. However, for some reasons I haven’t figured out yet how to explain, I find myself and the body as two different entities. Don’t ask me why, cause I don’t know. I only hope that one time I figure it out.

In the meantime, I just feed this body of mine food and knowledge; so that it stays alive and understanding. But then again, I wonder, how sure am I that the knowledge I feed it is true? At the moment only science helps me out, and observation is the key.

I have lived a fifth of my dream years of existence on this world, or should I write “my existence in time and space”, for I know there’s another dimension beyond my understanding and yet how I exist in it, affects my travel in the later.

Wait, wait, wait. Does the previous paragraph imply that we live in four dimensions? So far I can only try to understand three dimensions, and believe that the fourth exists as well. However I don’t know whether the fourth is either single or divided into multiple dimensions?

Well, thinking could be endless sometimes. It can help solve problems, as much as it raises more than you can solve if you’re neither persistent or patient enough. But still I love it, regardless the amount of brain damage it can cause.