In the silence of a noisy world (Part 2)

I wonder why my brain chose to end the first with a “to be continued” statement, but I believe my heart knew it was worth it. Each story has an end and a beginning. On this Earth of ours things change day and night, and the same rule is not only for nature; it is also applied to human beings. However much they think they are above the law of nature to destroy it, due to the power they were given by the Almighty to have contr0l over it.

In the silence of a noisy world I lost speech in front of the eyes of the one I wished to hear me the most, cause words weren’t enough and I was too weak to act. I still fail to understand whether the spark was to bright to blind my eyes, or I was too blind to see it. I tried to read the eyes, and express my heart. I believe I was never understood. I play Billie Holiday, now the willow weeps for me.

She chose to go, while I was to stay. Why would a man hang on parallel lines? A question i have always failed to answer. Little things may seem much, while more things may seem null. And that applies both ways, just keep the while where it is supposed to be. The world keeps changing, and when you understand the fact that anything can happen; then you get to know the rules of survival.

Now the world has gone so much noisy that it has lost its silence, or maybe I lost the time to listen. The thrill is gone, and I long for something better. Cause what I thought was best has lost its taste;and no salt or pepper can get back the pleasure of putting it on table. Love is a reflected feeling, don’t expect it when it’s no more. However much you try; you only hurt your own heart.