In the silence of a noisy world

I exist in the dream of the unborn, the thoughts of the unexisting. A peaceful world hidden in the silence of the noisy one; into the depth of he who lies on a pillow, my soul resides. A child in a womb, living in the shadows of my wishes; my light is the will to make it real.

But I found treasure, the pearl that was long lost, a contemplation of my thoughts; the gold that was never possessed, was made the wonder of my millennium. The wisdom I found in her beauty. Quiet it shines, loud it glows. The twinkling star fell to be my candle.

The world lost its words, languages failed to explain thoughts that dwelt in the feelings her love arouse in me. I stood in the gaze of her eyes, stuck in the admiration of her smile; with the voice that kept asking “Is this real?”

I touched her face to only watch it fade, for it was for a dreamer to believe in the reality of the existence of an angel without wings. Space is tiny in the width of her tender love. I know if she could read this she would say my words are dramatic. I wonder how else I should explain it.

The world spins around, the clock keeps ticking and my heart keeps beating with your love that keeps growing and I keep falling deeper and deeper that I forgot the edge; the only thing I remember is just the street where I first kissed you with the purple clip in your hair.

To be continued…