The fall!

Hello! Dearest reader, I have a very nice story for you. If you have a good time to read. Here is how it goes. For the first in my life I loved someone, I always quarrelled with my feelings saying I should love when I am sure not just follow the inner lust of my flesh. But there came a time where I did not even get time to think about it I just found myself falling.

Sweet was the fall, fearful was the landing because I did not want to reach the ground. So high was the jump if I was to land it would be the end. I told her, she said she is afraid, I said don’t worry darling; trouble comes sometimes but it is the place where heroes are born. She said it was true, but still wondered what to call me.

I did not want to be selfish, because I did not want to hear a word that I did not deserve or merely that could not be true. Deep inside it is what I wished, to hear her telling me she loves me. Day by day she said it is growing bigger, night by night falling deeper. One awesome night when we were out of words I remember she wrote “You’re amazing, you’re just love”.

So amazing, wasn’t it? The moment you realize you are being pulled in a black hole to whole new galaxy where stars shines brighter and she is the moon of your nights. It is no more than a dream being brought to life with the power to build anything. I always thought of how it went, I could barely understand how we both fell in the same time.

Day and night her face roams my eyes, night and day her smile tread my thoughts. More than just a lady, most a goddess. Soft is her voice, lovely is her smile and most of all you can not dare her thinking. I’m glad she chose me too. Started as just contemplation of what we could be, and ended with all that we ever wished, we are both meant to be.

Hey love, this is now for you. I hope you realize how deep it goes. You may have doubts for we have not been in this for long. But it does not remove the fact that each second I fall deeper. I know you were surprised by how short I fell for you. Time is just an illusion remember. It does not remove what is to happen; no matter how long or how short it is.

Words are nothing but just a concatenation of characters, but this time they serve me right to show you a glimpse of what we could be through the moments of each day. You told me to write a long post, I said words are not enough. Because they only express, what I can say, but what about all that you make me live? They say the untold and unseen is what lies in heaven. What if it is what you brought to me?

I never knew I could write this much. But the moment you said I must do, I said this might be the chance to tell all that I feel for you. Unfortunately I’m seeing that I’m running out words. And I finally realised that all measurement are meaningless when forever is nothing but just a second to blow away, and lifetime becomes a blink of the eye.

Take my hand, and hold the ink as we write history that I read from your eyes. Let us build something, something unspeakable, a reality that exists only in a dreamer’s pillow. Countless shall be pages of our book. You told me I’m amazingly crazy, I told you I’m insane. Let’s share it, I hope you hold the balance, please take the steering wheel because I have lost control.

I only wrote this because she told me to write a long post, and consider it as a punishment. And here it is sugar, the tears from your rod stick. Now I exist in the light of her love, living a new world where each day is priceless to loose, and the next unfolds the unthought-of. I don’t know how deep it will go. But I do not want this fall to end, let’s make it infinite.