I live all along with a voice whispering that I should be myself, through songs it was heard, on papers I read it and from people I was told. Then I went on the quest to find out what it really meant. I started with just knowing who I really was to be that person. I always looked into the mirror and asked “Who are you? cause I want to be you.” “I may never get the answer” that is what I always thought .

But when I realized that the flesh always needs more of what it already has, I learnt that I always had the answer but I was never satisfied. Then I went on to find a way of satisfying the emptiness I felt, to light the darkness where I dwelt. That is when I started to look “within” for “without” I had failed. Then I tried to understand when I’m not myself; and that is when I found myself.

This is how it started, Who are we beyond what we see? Who are we beyond smiles and cries? Beyond sadness and happiness who are we? Beyond wealth and hunger, what is our nature? I have learnt that we are nothing relating to what we see, but beyond; We are everything. We are all born with an equal probability ratio, we simply live different worlds. Light and darkness, truth and lies.

It said that the first expression of a baby is a smile, a grateful feeling of the soul to be in that moment. A chance given to it, to live  moments for time is just an illusion. Most people do not look further than the tip of their nose and few think higher than the top of their ears. But when you do, you realize that, the things we run for are just temporary.

Therefore we should ask ourselves “What matter after all?”. It was written that only a fool thinks about happiness but a wise person thinks about death. And with that you realize our lives on the earth is undetermined, for death lies within the shadow that we tread with. How sad would it be to die as a loser, who makes you win? The answer should be yourself.

The thing is that the key to success is gratitude. The feeling that you have everything you need in that specific moment. Stop worrying about what tomorrow has for you, cause you have the power to get what you want there. As we all live on the pursuit of happiness, we should not be the ones that destroy it, with our worries, doubts and fears. Instead we should embrace our inner self to define the outer; grateful for who we are not wishing wealth of someone else but building our dreams. Grass is always greener on the other side remember. So be grateful of where you are, you shall build a castle in those lands 😉