Below the waste

Too deep I dig, my hoe breaks
My shovel is weak, but gold awaits
All in between, the land I quest
It’s the truth I seek, beyond the dale
Below the waste

Love grows so sweet, but then it fades
Too wounded to heal, the shadow it shades
Heart of steel, with swollen stains
It’s the hurt I seed, dark is the color it paints
Below the waste

Below the waste, the edge of the end
The quicksand bay, feet are bound to fail
No gods to pray, no wish for rain
In the old dark dale, only souls to trade
Below the waste

The bridge I built, was but a pit
alive you tread, but next your life yield
so roll in haste, the shield is thick
As the bow is bent, faith: the least you need
Below the waste

Black is the smoke, bones of the dead
skin the cloth, the flesh that bled
beckoned by the oath, cut by my blade
Alive I was, but soulless there I laid
below the waste

Clouds that weep, the sky that mourns
Swift goes the whip, whou! the song it rouse
Too short to leap, yet too high for crows
A blinded myth, cheered but yet it bores
Tales Below the waste