Shades in my mirror

A black hole, was but thoughts I had
A dark hall, was but the sight when I lied
A shadow night with a starlight sea
A brighten sky, Vega North in the east
It was all but shades in my mirror

Scars on my heart, were but Love that I found
Tears in my eyes, were but the truth I sought
A tale of romance, for the light was but a lie
A mare in my sleeps, was but the life I fought
Shades I my mirror, the reality I tread

Black shades on black gates, fortress of my soul
Bloodsheds, drought rest, bedrock of my flesh
Stains on my gown, were but woven threads
The length of my sword, a color hard to change
Shades in my mirror, were but shadows from my face

Molten silver, was but the heat of my glass
Beckoned deeper, did the creatures of the past
Stallions of the abyss, were but riders of the cloud
Smokes in the darkness, the white of their smile
A fresh prey to swallow, was but I in their eyes

Shades in my mirror, demons on my side
The power that I bear, the truth of mouth
Hell to be my heir, the oath I gave my word
May the stone grow ears, for tales of my dive
Through Shade in my mirror, the sleep that took my nights