The weakness of loneliness

Loneliness, the feeling of a broken heart
It seeks in all corners to fill the emptiness
Tries all textures, to mend all the cuts
But nothing better than the first
and none lasts like the last

Once you see through the dark;
The light hurts your eyes
The fear to light a candle arise
We are all victims of our story
Don’t pretend, riders of the past,

Who cares the reason, when the cause is different
Whether him or her, one stays in regrets
For a life that is lost, a dream that is faded
I wonder what makes the difference
Everything has an end, self thoughts

Afraid to dare, yet better awaits
Wishing for the same colored rose
For even your will is lost
What’s good for, if we earn to loose
Better not to get, better off forget

Hard is to live with a broken wing
Once the sun is lost, stars shine less
A stormy night with clouds that blurs the sky
A burned land, with smokes that blinds the sight
Broken, like a falcon that lost its flight

Every thought, revolve the wishes
Every feeling, is worth a regret
Every word, is better not a had
Why is the question, truth hurts
Dreams are better, the only place we meet